How to Plant Saffron in a Greenhouse?

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The method is suitable for all climatic conditions. With this, you can easily create your own saffron greenhouse anywhere in the world.

Here you will learn everything about saffron, its properties, and how to properly grow saffron in a greenhouse.

Saffron is an amazing plant used to produce one of the most expensive spices in the world, a natural dye, and as a perfume and medicinal ingredient.

Common saffron is a rather heat-loving plant: it does not withstand either Central European frosts or wet wintering. This, as well as the difficulties of harvesting, which, by the way, was done by hand at all times, explains the very high price of this type of spice.

Saffron is a valuable spice that is used in cooking as a seasoning, as well as a natural dye for soups, meat, and rice dishes. Learn how to grow saffron, do not miss your chance!

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